The Fresh Facial

Multitasking facial featuring slow releasing alpha hydroxyl acids and an infusion of oxygen that instantly purifies and refreshes the skin for a youthful, glowing appearance.

Intensive Facial

Rejuvenating facial with mask treatment to focus on hydration, firming and
clarifying. Enjoy a nourishing and therapeutic face massage, leaving your skin
with a healthy inner radiance.

Purifying Facial

Just like a juice cleanse for your skin. Working on reversing environmental signs of aging. This treatment is a detoxification for your skin.

Hydrating Facial

The ultimate drink of moisture for your skin. Healing for sensitive skin, this treatment will restore your internal moisture cushion, leaving your skin thoroughly quenched.

Ultimate Luxury Facial

This complete treatment firms and lifts the skin using natural muscle relaxing neuropeptides to instantly reduce wrinkles, reinforce collegen and restore the skin’s youthful cushion. Through therapeutic massage and high performance active ingredients, wrinkles are smoothed and reduced. The relaxing experience includes a luxurious, ageless, hand treatment and eye therapy.